Quran Kareem Classes for people of all age

Assalamoalaikum and welcome to SuffaOnline


Alhamdolillah we have started Quranic classes at SuffaOnline. The instructor of the courses will be Qari Muhammad Ishtiaq. Qari Muhammad Ishtiaq has been involved with Nazrah and Hifz Quran teaching for the past decade at a Quranic School in Karachi.

Offered Classes

  1. Holy Quran Recitation Classes
    1. Arabic letter/word Pronunciation (Noraani Qaida)
    2. Usage of Tanween, Ikhfah, Qalqala, Halqi, Musta’lia (Noraani Qaida)
    3. Recitation of the Holy Quran (Para 30, Para 1-29)
    4.  Basic Islamic Knowledge
      1. Ablution/Purification compulsory elements ( Faraid-e-Wudu/Ghusul)
      2. Salat Compulsory elements (Faraid-e-Namaz)
      3. Masnoon Duas
      4. Tatleem ul Islam by Mufti Kifayat Ullah RahmatullahAlaih.

Class Duration : 30 mins – 5 days a week (Monday- Friday)

For detailed information please contact:
suffaonline@gmail.com or at +923012726466, skypeid:suffaonline


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